Thursday, May 15, 2014

Teaser Post - Ayla


Brooklyn awoke to a mosquito buzzing in her ear. Swatting it away, she realized she was lying on the damp forest floor.
Sitting up, her eyes searched for signs of Ryder. Instead, they landed upon the lone shoe she had lost while fleeing Grishma. She crawled over and cradled it in her hands.
Tears rolled down her cheeks. I love you. Those were Ryder’s final words. Did all of this really just happen or was it all a dream? Hoping that she had just hit her head and fallen unconscious in the forest, she wiped the tears away and stood up.

Oh no! Sadness seeped through her body as she looked down at her Dratonian clothing. It wasn’t a dream.Her pants and shirt were still damp from the lake that she and Ryder had waded in to get to the moonbow. A knot formed in her stomach. I didn’t even have time to tell him that I love him… She looked around, desperately searching for something, anything to help her get back to Necoh. I need to get back to him!


Kelly Anne Blount was born in Madison, WI. After attending university, she moved to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands to teach elementary school. While living there, she met the love of her life and was married in a beautiful ceremony on the Caribbean Sea.

After returning stateside, Kelly started to pursue another passion, writing. Since writing her debut bestselling young adult fantasy novel, Grishma, she has written the sequel, Ayla, and is currently working on the third book in The Necoh Saga.

Kelly has also written the first book, Impassioned, in her upcoming contemporary romance, Hard Love Series.

When she isn’t writing or serving as an intensive intervention teacher working with children with special needs, Kelly can be found spending time with the love of her life, their furry rescues, and enjoying the beautiful sites of Asheville, North Carolina.

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