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Blog Tour - The Edge of You

Book & Author details:

The Edge of You by Theresa DaLayne
Published by: Bloomsbury Spark
Publication date: September 25th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance

He left home to escape. She made a new life out of guilt. Neither one expected to find love—but not even the Arctic can cool this steamy romance.

Maya knows she’s doing the right thing by moving to Alaska with her parents, but that doesn’t mean she has to be happy about it. Forced to give up a scholarship to a prestigious art school, she relocates to a Podunk town with one college the size of her high school cafeteria, all to help hold her family together after the death of her little sister. But a fresh start can only do so much.

Jake doesn’t like handouts and he certainly doesn’t need any distractions. Working on a salmon boat in Kodiak, Alaska is the only way to pay for his mother’s surgery back in the lower forty-eight. Juggling college courses and constant worry about his mother’s health, Jake couldn’t imagine anything else fitting into his life. That is, until he meets Maya, the sexy Californian artist who tints his world in technicolor.

But when Maya’s family starts to crumble and Jake’s mom takes a turn for the worse, will they drag each other down, or can they find what they were missing all along?

In this new adult romance, Theresa DaLayne paints a swoon-worthy story about life under the midnight sun, following your heart, and learning to live on the edge.


I like Jake's character because he really love and take care of his mother. His mother is sick and he is willing to do anything for her.Even working on a Salmon Boat in Kodiak.

While Maya, at first she is so annoying because she blames herself for her sister's death and she is so guilty about it. She gave up everything to move to Alaska to be with her family to start all over again after her sister's death.

Both characters have their own trials and hardship in life but they deal with it perfectly. All through the story Jake struggles with finding money for his mom's surgery.

I love the story, it's all about love and responsibility for their family. They need to choose which is more important on their life. I'm so touch with the story and I can stop reading it. I even imagine every scene and I can easily relate to it.

I'm recommending this book and they will surely love it like I do.

Theresa DaLayne is a north-south-east-western kind of girl with a quirky personality to match her nomad life. Born in California, she migrated to three different cities in Washington State, a tiny island in Alaska, North Carolina, and finally to the suburbs of Ohio where she currently lives with her husband, three kids, vegetarian cat, and her ungrateful fish.

Always on the lookout for a new story, Theresa is a shameless eavesdropper and will take anyone who provides inspiration and mold them into a character without a second thought. She enjoys writing both paranormal and contemporary stories, considering her mind wanders between worlds of fantasy while she’s forced to live in the real world, very much against her will.

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Stacking the Shelves # 23

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

Club Luxe

Leaving Liberty 

What's new on your shelves?

Book Review - Club Luxe - Book 1 The Private Room

Victoria Chase is Chicago’s hottest new reporter, looking to make the scoop of the century. Rumor has it that in the bowels of the city lies a private sex club for the wealthy elite. Willing to do anything for a story, she infiltrates the club, determined to uncover this urban legend. She didn’t expect to run into him:

Malcolm Cage. 

The famous billionaire bad boy is the king of Club Luxe. Every Friday night, he reigns supreme over untold sinful pleasures in his underground kingdom. His one rule? He never participates and only watches—until he sees Victoria.
She sets his body and soul on fire, and Malcolm does not plan on letting her go. Can Victoria keep it professional and get her story? Or will her heart betray her under Malcolm’s smoldering gaze?

My Review

Characters - Victoria Chase and Malcolm Cage

Genre - New Adult

Author - Olivia Noble

Rating - 5 Books

Source - ARC in exchange for an honest review

I like Victoria's character, she is happy go lucky, smart and fearless woman. she will do anything for her job,she is very curious and really want to know all about the king of Club Luxe.

Malcolm Cage is one hell of an alpha male with very strong personality. He is determine to get what he wants. I'm very curious with his secrets too. I really want to know his past and why he like the not so normal way of pleasuring his women.

This book is so full of intrigue,I got sucked into the story from the very first page.

This book is truly amazing and I hope all of you give it a chance, it definitely deserves it.  I can't wait for the book 2. I hope that the author will give me a chance to review the book 2.

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Cover Reveal - Hunting in Bruges

It's time for a cover reveal!  Feast your eyes on the cover for HUNTING IN BRUGES, the debut novel in the Hunters' Guild urban fantasy series by E.J. Stevens.

Keep reading for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Hunting in Bruges (Hunters' Guild #1) by E.J. Stevens.

The only thing worse than being a Hunter in the fae-ridden city of Harborsmouth, is hunting vamps in Bruges.

Being shipped off to Belgium sucks. The medieval city of Bruges is quaint, but the local Hunters' Guild is understaffed, the canals are choked with dead bodies, and there's no shortage of supernatural predators as likely suspects.

On second thought, maybe Bruges isn't so bad after all.

With a desire to prove herself, protect the innocent, and advance within the ranks of the Hunters' Guild, Jenna Lehane hits the cobbled streets of Bruges with blades at the ready. Someone, or something, is murdering tourists and dumping their bodies in the city's scenic canals.  With the help of a mysterious stranger, Jenna begins to piece together clues that are dotted throughout the city like blood spatter.

Determined to stop the killings, Jenna delves into a bloody local history that only raises more questions--but some secrets are best left buried. Jenna must put her combat training to the test as she struggles to unearth the truth about an ancient enemy.

Hunting in Bruges is the first novel in the Hunters' Guild urban fantasy series set in the world of Ivy Granger.

Release Date:  November 11, 2014
Genre:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Pre-order on Amazon.
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About the Hunters' Guild Series

The Hunters' Guild series is an urban fantasy series written by E.J. Stevens and set in the world of Ivy Granger.  The series is told in the first-person point-of-view of Jenna Lehane, a Hunter with a troubled past, a proficiency with weapons, and an intolerance for monsters who target the innocent.

About the Author

E.J. Stevens is the author of the Spirit Guide young adult series, the bestselling Ivy Granger urban fantasy series, and the Hunters' Guild urban fantasy series.  When E.J. isn't at her writing desk she enjoys dancing along seaside cliffs, singing in graveyards, and sleeping in faerie circles.  E.J. currently resides in a magical forest on the coast of Maine where she finds daily inspiration for her writing.

Hunting in Bruges Cover Reveal Giveaway

The author is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.  Giveaway ends October 7, 2014.

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What do you think of the cover?

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Blog Tour - Leaving Liberty

Book & Author details:

Leaving Liberty by Virginia Carmichael
Publication date: July 1st 2013
Genres: Adult, Romance

At eighteen, Daisy McConnell left Liberty, Colorado and never looked back. The only bright spot in a childhood of neglect and loneliness was the town librarian, Marie. Now settled as a teacher in sunny Fresno, Daisy does her best to forget everything about Liberty including her drunk father, her MIA mother, and the town she hated with every beat of her heart.

Lane Bennett’s life as a small town cop is pretty close to perfect. He’s got his dog, a pretty date when he needs one, and plenty of time to fish on the weekends. No other place can compare to his hometown and he’s happy to devote his life to keeping the folks of Liberty safe. When Marie passes away, Lane knows one of the best parts about living in Liberty is gone, along with the old Carnegie library. It needs repairs the city can’t afford and the city managers won’t pay the new flood insurance. It’s too bad, but safety comes first.

When Daisy comes home for Marie’s funeral and hears the only safe place she knew as a child is going to close, she refuses to let it happen. She hatches a plan to save the old library, run the summer reading program, and keep Marie’s legacy alive.

She once vowed never to come home and he’s vowed never to leave. Daisy and Lane discover together that true love happens when you least expect it and you should never say never in Liberty.

Rate : 4 Books

I like this book so much, Story of forgiveness and moving on.  Characters are amazing, Lane Bennett is my new book boyfriend, I like the way he showed his love to Daisy and it's so romantic and realistic. He is every woman's dream. 

I got sucked into the story from the very first page. I can't stop reading it. It's worth time to read. For all the book lovers out there, please read this story and you will learn a lot, you will fall in love over and over again.

Great Job Virginia !


Virginia was born near the Rocky Mountains and although she has traveled around the world, the wilds of Colorado run in her veins. A big fan of the wide open sky and all four seasons, she believes in embracing the small moments of everyday life. A home schooling mom of six young children who rarely wear shoes, those moments usually involve a lot of noise, a lot of mess, or a whole bunch of warm cookies. Virginia holds degrees in Linguistics and Religious Studies from the University of Oregon. She lives with her habanero-eating husband, Crusberto, who is her polar opposite in all things except faith. They’ve learned to speak in short-hand code and look forward to the day they can actually finish a sentence. In the meantime, Virginia thanks God for the laughter and abundance of hugs that fill her day as she plots her next book.

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Book Blitz - Club Luxe 1

Book & Author Details:

Club Luxe 1: The Private Room by Olivia Noble
(Billionaires Underground #1)
Publication date: September 18th 2014
Genres: Adult, Romance


Victoria Chase is Chicago’s hottest new reporter, looking to make the scoop of the century. Rumor has it that in the bowels of the city lies a private sex club for the wealthy elite. Willing to do anything for a story, she infiltrates the club, determined to uncover this urban legend. She didn’t expect to run into him:
Malcolm Cage.

The famous billionaire bad boy is the king of Club Luxe. Every Friday night, he reigns supreme over untold sinful pleasures in his underground kingdom. His one rule? He never participates and only watches—until he sees Victoria.
She sets his body and soul on fire, and Malcolm does not plan on letting her go. Can Victoria keep it professional and get her story? Or will her heart betray her under Malcolm’s smoldering gaze?

Goodreads / Amazon  / B&N


Angrily, she reached for the bottle of shampoo and squeezed a liberal amount into her hand. She set it back on the shower caddy and lathered her hair with the softly scented gel. Almost instantly, she began to feel better. The sweat that had collected throughout the night was washing away along with some of her bitterness. The soothing feeling of her hair becoming clean was only surpassed by the feeling of her fingers kneading her scalp. She sighed a little at the feeling and her mind drifted to Malcolm’s touch.
“Stupid, selfish man!” she muttered to herself as she rinsed her hair.
“I resemble that remark,” a dark voice said from behind her.
Victoria spun around to face the intruder and her eyes narrowed at the sight of Malcolm holding open the glass door to the shower. His chest and face were partly obscured by the steamy fog from the hot water, and he looked unearthly. “What are you doing here?” she asked with a hint of dread in her voice.
“I couldn’t stay away from you,” he said as he took a step closer to her.
She gulped down some air and crossed her arms over her breasts unconsciously. His naked muscles rippled as he stepped forward, and her body quivered at the sight of him. She could feel his eyes wandering over her and she felt hot under his gaze. “Malcolm,” she whispered.
He didn’t give her much chance to speak as his arms quickly wrapped around her waist. His lips crashed into hers like a tidal wave, and she was so caught up in it that she couldn’t breathe. She was drowning in his kiss and loved every moment of it. His passion inundated her with more force than the expensive shower jets, and bathed her far more thoroughly. Her arms pulled him closer to her and she slowly traced her fingers up his back.
“Victoria,” he groaned in agony. “I need to have more of you.”
His words sent shivers up her spine. Tears pricked the back of her eyes as she began to feel the tiniest twinge of hope. “I need you too,” she whispered, clinging to his neck.


“Welcome once again, my loyal subjects, to the private Club Luxe,” Malcolm said in greeting. “If you were invited tonight, congratulations. You are the most elite of the elite.” His lips pulled into a hard smile as his piercing eyes gazed over the crowd. He stood from his throne and felt his balls lift from the wood as he thrust a golden scepter into the air. “Tonight, let’s party like the gods we are!”
Everyone in the room cheered. Malcolm looked over their adoring faces with deep satisfaction. These Friday nights were always the highlight of his week. He could already feel his stress washing away with the promise of the indulgent revelry that was about to begin. However, there was something different about the club tonight. He squinted as he scanned through the crowd, feeling the weight of an unusual gaze upon him. When he found her, his eyes widened in surprise. Malcolm found himself gripping his scepter tighter as he gazed down at her.


The raven-haired woman looked at him with a defiance in her eyes that was exquisite. Malcolm was taken aback for a moment, before he remembered himself and the role he was currently playing. A devious smile spread across his lips as he looked down at the young reporter thoughtfully. Wicked ideas danced across his mind, and Malcolm knew he could not resist the temptation.
He began moving toward her, and his balls swayed between his legs as he walked. He moved to the edge of the stage until he was standing directly above Victoria. He felt his cock stir as their eyes became deadlocked in an intense gaze.
“I’m pleased to see a new face amongst us this evening,” he announced as he stared down at her. His lips pulled into a tight smirk. “Let’s say we give her a special welcome.”
The others politely clapped their hands and murmured in agreement. Victoria looked slightly nervous and Chloe glanced away from the bartender with concern. A pleased smile appeared on Malcolm’s face as he saw the reactions of the crowd. While he was usually reserved on nights like this, he could not resist the opportunity to toy with Victoria. Besides, if he was honest with himself, it had been a particularly stressful week, and was feeling the need to release his animal side.
“You in the black dress,” he said, pointing directly at her. “Come up to the stage. You will do the honors of beginning our night of lust.”
Victoria flinched ever-so-slightly before glaring at him. “How would you suggest I do that?” she asked cautiously.
“I want you to strip yourself down to nothing,” Malcolm commanded slowly, “and then bring yourself to sweet release in front of all these people.”
He saw a slight flash of fear pass through her eyes. He wondered if she would protest. After only a moment’s hesitation, she lifted her head proudly and took a bold step toward the stage.
“Whatever the king wants,” she said as she slowly climbed the stage.


All the music in the club suddenly stopped, and everyone grew very quiet.
Victoria felt the energy in the air change before the lights dimmed in the main hall. Everyone turned to look as a spotlight revealed a stage she hadn’t noticed was there before; she found her eyes magnetically drawn to the same spot. Her instincts told her that it was now time for the king’s arrival. Her eyes glanced around and she saw the others in the room exchange excited looks. The footsteps of a single man echoed throughout the club as the king made his way to the throne. She stood on her tiptoes to try to look over people, and tried to move around to look between them to get a better view. She could see the man’s broad bare shoulders and the back of his expertly-styled hair. When he finally turned around and sat down in his opulent throne, her jaw dropped open.
She recognized him.
Victoria felt her mouth grow very dry as she stared. The man sat there completely naked, save a golden crown atop his head. His muscles glistened and his strong jawline was set as if he were chiseled from stone. His cock hung between his spread legs casually, flaccid, but Victoria could tell it was a monster when engorged. She couldn’t understand why, but staring up into his eyes took away all sense of reason. Her body ached with need and she couldn’t stop herself from taking several steps closer to him.
“Malcolm Cage,” she said softly to herself in wonder. “You’re this ‘King of Kink’ guy?” A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Thoughts of the twins were now completely forgotten, overpowered by the sheer presence of the man before her. “Now I have to mix business with pleasure.”


Olivia Noble is a romance writer who likes to keep things steamy and sweet. Check out her first book, Just a Fling, featuring a handsome billionaire and a tropical island.

Author links:

Fifty Shades of Grey meets Lois Lane

In a world filled with books about controlling, dominant men, I set out to write about a female that was a match for them. It was a difficult puzzle at first, to figure out how an ordinary woman could compete with a high-powered billionaire, and hold her own against all his attempts to manipulate her.
Then it hit me. My childhood hero, Lois Lane, stood up to Superman on a daily basis.
Both in and out of the bedroom.
While my billionaire businessman Malcolm Cage is not a superhero, he is wealthy enough that he might as well have superpowers, along with the ego that follows them. But Victoria has a superpower too: her sense of justice and unshakable resolve ensure that she will never let this handsome CEO destroy her and trample her heart. Her self-esteem and values make her invulnerable to his cruel games and emotional torture.
It has bothered me how much erotic romance focuses on humiliating and belittling the female for pleasure. While Victoria is placed in many uncomfortable predicaments that are downright mortifying, her strength of mind and character will take her through them all unscathed. Her focus is on her goals and purpose, and while she struggles with sexual distractions and emotional fragility as much as anyone, she tries her best to conquer her weaknesses and push forward in a man’s world.
My goal is to write books that are sexy as well as empowering, and I know that I have finally succeeded with this one. The chemistry between Victoria and Malcolm is sizzling and off the charts, but both characters are headstrong and challenge each other to be constantly better. Sometimes, it warms my heart when I see the fire and tenacity of Lois Lane rising to the surface in Victoria’s stubbornness. I really wanted to create a brave and ballsy female character for modern women to look up to, and I hope that my readers will find her inspiring. She definitely inspires me, and I love writing about her. 

Author Interview

Q. How did you get into writing?

A. I’ve loved telling stories since I was a child. When I grew older and got married (I’m still deciding whether that was wise) and had my beautiful children, writing had to go away. For a long time I was miserable and I had no idea why; I had a good life. I was just so busy being “honey” or “mommy” or “I hate you!” and I had no time to be just “me.” I love my family and my children, but I needed to escape. I began writing again, and unleashed my inner storyteller. Once I started, I couldn’t stop.

Q. How do you balance your family and your career?

A. Very carefully, with a lot of time budgeting. My husband is a pure champion and has been 110% supportive of me. At first, my kids needed so much attention that I could only write at night when they were asleep or at school. I had already quit my job to become a full-time mom, so I had some extra time to pump out a few hundred words before I crashed. Now that it’s been a while, they know once mommy goes into her office that it’s quiet time. My husband will take them outside to play for a few hours while I get some work done, and then I’ll make it up to the family with dinner and a movie. (And research with my husband.)

Q. How do you keep your sex scenes fresh and exciting?

A. Refer to the last line of my previous answer. My husband is more than happy to help with this aspect of my writing.

Q. What sets your books apart from others in your genre?

A. This is a really good question! To be honest, I read a lot of New Adult Romance. I’m just drawn to the memories of when I was that age and all the hardships I faced. I vividly recall the struggles with boys and rent (although I still struggle with boys and rent) and figuring out who I was as a person. I also met my husband at that age: my first great love (and if he’s good, my last.) Even though this was the hardest time in my life, the rewards were significant.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

A. There is lots of advice to give, but the most important skill is time management. Finding the time to write, especially when you’re just starting is a huge undertaking and will kill your budding career before you even have a chance to let it grow. Make writing your main priority and cherish every moment you have to sit down with your characters.  

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Book Blitz - Palace Hills

Book & Author Details:

Palace Hills by S. Briones Lim
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: September 9th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance


Palace Hills. The very name struck shivers down the spine of the affluent city of Goldendale.

Unfortunately, eighteen-year-old Nina Sharman has no choice but to call the poverty-stricken neighborhood her new home.
Life seems bleak until a chance meeting with Conner Hale changes her mind and captures her heart, leading her to believe that maybe Palace Hills wasn’t so bad after all.
However, one tragic case of mistaken identity changes everything and leads to an event so horrifying that Nina believes she could never recover.
Choosing to leave Conner behind, Nina vows never to return to Palace Hills again.

Five years later, Nina has a new home, a new boyfriend and a new life. Yet, still haunted by the ghosts of her past, Nina finds she must return to Palace Hills to put an end to a nightmare, which has haunted her for years.
Upon her return, one vital slip in judgement threatens to bring the life she had worked so hard to build to come crashing down.

Amazon / B&N / Kobo

Interview Courtesy Brandee Marie Newmiller

You've been an author now for quite some time and I'd like to congratulate you for recently becoming a published author, that's quite an achievement! I'm sure you’re very thrilled. I would like to ask you some questions about your writing in general and also about your first published book, Palace Hills.

1.       What inspired you to write your first book?

            My very first book, Green: A Life Force Novel, which was self-published in 2013, was actually inspired by a very vivid and detailed dream. It’s funny because I actually keep a pseudo-dream journal on my phone and just days ago I found my entry for this specific dream! It was dated January 29, 2013 and the book was released July 2013 :)

2.       Do you have a specific writing style?

            I actually tend to write in first-person narrative more often than not. Though I do have a few stories that aren’t written in this style, I tend to gravitate towards it. I have a degree and Psychology and have always held a fascination with the motivation behind certain behaviors. I think this is the reason why I love first-person narrative. It’s a way for both me and the reader to enter the main characters’ minds and see what makes them tick.

3.       If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
            What’s awesome about being a Limitless Publishing author is the close-knit team/network we all have. I can count on this amazing and talented team for guidance, knowledge and support. I don’t have one specific mentor but a whole team’s worth :)

4.       Can you share a little of your current work with us?
            I actually just finished writing a Contemporary Romance set on the sunny coast of California (where I grew up). It is currently being beta-read and revised, but I hope to submit it to my publisher soon!

5.       Let's talk about your brand new book, Palace Hills. How did you come up with your idea to write it?

            I actually came up with the idea back in my early 20s. I knew I always wanted to be an author and would often come up with many different stories, but unfortunately I’d never have the time to sit down and write them out.  Back in 2006 I’d seen different movies, books, and TV shows on urban life and decay. The setting really intrigued me and inspired me. I wanted to take the urban setting and infuse it with a romance story. Palace Hills was the final product of this fusion :) Since it had been eight years since I originally thought of the plot, Palace Hills has grown and morphed quite a bit, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

6.       What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical, if any) in bringing it to life?

            I think the biggest obstacle was to shape Nina Sharman (the main character) and represent her in a way that made readers understand and empathize with her as opposed to becoming angry with her. She goes through a lot of trauma and turmoil that can really break person and I wanted to readers to understand this and realize how strong she really is despite these tribulations.

7.       Is there any message you want us, as readers, to take away from this story?

            The main theme of this book is self-forgiveness. We’ve all done something in our lives that we regret and often these regrets are what stifle our growth. I want my readers to realize that our past does not necessarily define our future.

8.       Again, congratulations on Palace Hills and your writing career so far and we hope to one day see something on the "big screen"! Do you see it happening one day, whether it is Palace Hills or another?

            It is one of my biggest dreams to see one of my stories on the big screen :) My writing method involves imagining each scene as if it were a movie playing out. From the scenery, the small details and of course the characters! It would be awesome to see any of my books as a movie! I can only hope this really happens one day :)

9.       Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

            I just want to thank my readers wholeheartedly for reading my books. As a bookworm myself it’s awesome to think that there are other bibliophiles delving into my stories. It’s really such an honor and I am SO thankful for every single one of my readers.

10. Do you have any advice for other writers?

            Write. Write your hearts out. Just let your mind loose and see where it takes you! You’ll be surprised to see what you come up with :)

Thank you for your time and look forward to reading more from you in the future! ;)

Thank you for having me!


Thanks to her Mom's unwavering devotion to read a bedtime story to her every single night throughout her childhood years, S. BRIONES LIM's love for books began before she could even speak. Author of the Life Force Trilogy, S. Briones Lim's other obsessions include time with family, POPCORN, sketching, movies and her pug, Tobi. She currently lives on the East Coast with her husband and continues to write everyday.

Author links:

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Cover Reveal - To Make a Witch


To Make a Witch by Heather Hamilton-Senter
(Sword of Elements #1.5)
Publication date: October 1st 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult


At her old school, Lacey found herself on the wrong side of a conflict between Celtic gods. Making a new start in an exclusive boarding school in New Orleans, she hopes to forget that she was once on the verge of becoming a powerful witch—and everything she has lost since then.

When a gruesome murder occurs in the very heart of Westover Academy, Lacey senses a connection between it and the desecration of the tomb of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo queen. Haunted by a trauma in her past and the resulting OCD, Lacey must solve the mystery before she becomes the killer’s next target.

Circumstances beyond her control may once again make Lacey McInnis—cheerleader, scholar, and all-around good girl—a witch.



Heather grew up in a family where books of myth and legend were used to teach the ABCs and Irish uncles still believed in fairies. Raised with tall tales, she has always told stories too- first as an actor and singer, then as a photographer, and now as a writer.

Heather lives in rural Ontario, Canada happily raising three children ranging in age from 6 to 18 with her biggest fan, her husband Steve.

Author links: 

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Book Blitz - Constructing Us

Book & Author Details:

Constructing Us by C.J. Lake
Publication date: July 18th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance

*Contains explicit/steamy scenes that are intended for mature readers.
When Andy takes over the lease on her friend Ethan’s apartment, he warns her about his roommate, Tragan. According to Ethan, Tragan Barrett is self-centered and often inconsiderate, caring more about hanging out with his friends and hitting the local casino than straightening the living room or keeping up with his laundry. Andy isn’t too concerned, though, because she isn’t moving in to make a friend.
Intended as a short-term living arrangement, the apartment is close to the hospital where Andy is participating in a drug study for a rare disorder she was diagnosed with when she was twenty. Now, fresh out of college, she is trying to figure out her life–and also how to live with the uncertainty of her condition. Figuring she’ll go one way and he’ll go another, Andy is surprised to learn that Tragan is not exactly the way Ethan painted him. In fact, there’s a whole other side to the darkly sexy construction worker…especially when it comes to Andy.
Can an unlikely friendship turn into something much more?

             Goodreads /  Amazon

“All right, Andy, if you’re really not going to let me have any cupcakes, then I’m gonna get going,” Tragan told her with a grin.  “Later.”
“Okay--oh, wait--real quick.  Could you hand me that lid over there?” Andy said, pointing to the cake cover resting on the opposite counter. 
When Tragan lifted it up, he froze--then turned his head toward her, his dark eyes narrowing.  “What’s this?”
“Hmm…let’s see…”  Playfully, Andy held back a smile as she ambled closer.  “A jumbo-sized cupcake--set apart from the others--with a T scrawled in blue icing…”
“For me?” Tragan said, breaking into a full smile. 
“Of course!  I’d never forget about you,” she said with a little laugh.
“Yes!” he said, messily pulling the cake right out of the ramekin cup and assailing it with his mouth.  “Awesome!” he mumbled, totally un-self-conscious about the frosting on his lips. 
“You’re such a guy,” Andy said, shaking her head, and then without thinking, reached up to wipe the underside of his lip with her thumb. 
The second she made contact, she realized what she’d done.  Her hand was on his face.  More than that, she was touching his mouth.  Something so intimate--too intimate for friends--and yet, her fingers lingered.  She couldn’t seem to stop touching him, grazing her thumb over his lower lip, as if there was still frosting there.  As if she didn’t have an impulsive desire to slide her thumb inside his mouth and to feel his hot tongue on her flesh.  Her breath became shallow as her eyes traveled up--and she found Tragan watching her.  His gaze was intense, fully aware of her--and then she panicked. 
Self-consciously, she swallowed and pulled back. 
Trying to act natural, Andy snatched a dishtowel off the counter and handed him that instead.  “Here, you can do it,” she said awkwardly, as hot embarrassment flooded her cheeks.  If people saw this now, would they really be surprised that Brad was her only boyfriend ever?  As much as she wanted Tragan, she was inexperienced enough to fear rejection and nowhere near confident enough to be a seductress.  
Wordlessly, Tragan took the towel and wiped his mouth. 
“Better?”  When she nodded, he tossed the towel and said, “Actually, it’s just as well I get cleaned up.  I’m supposed to meet some girl later.”
At that, Andy’s mouth fell open.  “W-what girl?” she asked, feeling her brow crease with concern.
“Pellican’s sister’s friend is supposed to be there today, helping out,” he told her.
“Oh.”  Andy swallowed down a hard lump.  Suddenly she started to feel queasy, and it had nothing to do with the drug trial.  This was 100% anxious jealousy, churning in her stomach.  Why hadn’t she considered that Tragan could be interested in other girls, too?
“And you, um, like her?” she asked, attempting to sound pleasant and unaffected--as if she were simply taking a friendly interest in the topic, as his roommate.
He gave a one-shouldered shrug, while his face remained noncommittal.  “Never met her.  But Pellican thinks we’ll hit it off.”
The painful ball of jealousy in Andy’s belly swelled, then ballooned to her chest, making it hard to breathe normally.  Still, she forced a smile that felt brittle, but it was the best she could do.  Then nodded maybe a bit too vigorously.  “That’s great, Tragan.  I really hope it works out,” she lied.
“You do?” he asked, never taking his eyes off her face, as though studying her reaction.
“Sure.  If it’s what you want.”  She quickly turned away from him and walked back to the counter where she’d been frosting cupcakes and tried to think of what she could busy herself with until he left the kitchen.
Mere seconds later, she felt Tragan come up behind her.  Her whole body stilled, as her pulse began to pound.  She could feel how close he was to her.  “Andy…” he said softly, and came even closer.  The heat from his body spread across her back, igniting every nerve ending in her body.  “What if that’s not what I want?” ~

Excerpt 2

“So this is Brad’s study?” Tragan clarified.
“No, no.  It’s run by a doctor he knows, Dr. Lassiter.  Brad has nothing to do with it.  Except that he told me about it and convinced me to do it.”  Setting down her sandwich, Andy spilled out what sounded like a resigned sigh.  “Honestly, I’ve been thinking of telling Brad it’s over.”  Immediately, Tragan’s pulse quickened.  Could she really mean…?  “You know, with the drug study,” she clarified.
“Uh, right, the drug study,” he said, nodding, mentally kicking himself for thinking it could be that easy.
“I just want to forget the whole thing and get on with my life.  Actually, I’m thinking of going back to school to get a master’s degree.”
“You mean here in Boston?”  Tragan tried to make the question sound casual, tried to cover the dread he felt at the idea that Andy might be moving away.  Before she could respond, the ear-splitting shrill of the fire alarm shattered the moment.
“Aah!” Andy yelped, throwing her hands on her ears.  “What the hell?”
Tragan waved off her concern.  “Oh, that’s just the fire alarm in the building,” he said.  “Don’t worry about it.”
“Come on,” she said briskly, hopping up from her chair.  “We’d better go.”
“Nah, I never bother going down for that.”
“What do you mean?” Andy said, sounding bothered.
 “Well, it goes off occasionally, but it’s always a false alarm.  So I usually just ignore it.”
“What!  Tragan, that’s crazy.  You can’t just ignore a fire alarm.  It could be something!  I’m sorry, but that’s really immature,” she told him, her expression solemn.
“Damn,” he said, feeling mildly chastised as he stood up.  “I’m immature now?”
“No, I mean…I guess that’s harsh,” she admitted.
“Are you pissed at me over this?” he said, walking closer to her.
“Of course not.  It’s just--”
“What, you’re worried about me?” he asked with a trace of a grin and stepped even closer, leaving their bodies only inches apart.
Andy appeared momentarily flustered, swallowing and sort of flitting her eyes from Tragan’s mouth to his chest to his shoulder, like she didn’t know where to look.  “I’m just saying: what if I wasn’t here?  And there was a fire and something happened to you?  Obviously that’s what I’m getting at.”
“Okay,” he relented.  “I’m sorry.  I’ll go.”
“Even if I’m not here?” she pressed.
“Yes.  I’ll go,” he promised. 
Which earned him a small, grateful smile.  “All right, come on then...” she said with a quick tug on his arm.
“Hey…” he said, stilling her for a second then impulsively brushed a lock of hair away from her cheek.  “Nothing’s going to happen to me.” 
Andy’s eyes locked with his.  Their gazes held for what felt like a meaningful moment, as her mouth curved open and she nervously wet her lips... 

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