Review Policy

Mich Book Shelf Review blog is willing to accept books in exchange for honest reviews being posted on Goodreads. If you are a publisher or an author and would like me to review a book, please make sure you accept my details and preferences. 

I like to read Young Adult or Adult books in the following genres:

Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance

** I will accept Children's Fiction as well (for approval)

I currently post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and my Blog. I will post elsewhere if requested.

I can take books in any format but I prefer .epub or .pdf.

I prefer reading a series in order, so if the book you wish me to review is part of a series I haven’t read, would appreciate you sending us the previous books as well.

I would like everyone to know that I purchase most of my books for review but you should know some books reviewed here at Mich Book Shelf were provided by the publisher or the author for free, in which case it will be specified on the review.

You can email me at

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