Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Review : Never too Far

He had held a secret that destroyed her world. 

Everything she had known was no longer true. 

Blaire couldn’t stop loving him but she knew she could never forgive him.
Now, she was back home and learning to live again. Moving on with life… until something happened to send her world spinning once again. 
What do you do when the one person you can never trust again is the one that you need to trust so desperately? 

You lie, hide, avoid, and pray that your sins never find you out.

My Review:

Characters - Rush Finlay, Blaire Wynn
Genre - Romance
Author - Abbi Glines
Rating - 4 Books
Source - Purchased

I love the first book but i found this second book kinda slow paced.

Second book is all about how Blaire cope up the pregnancy issues.Story was very emotional both with Blaire and Rush.They have issues that need to resolve especially with Rush' Family.I like Rush but sometimes I'm pissed off with him (I'm affected,lols) everytime he will treat Blaire second to Nan. 

He was really torn between his love to  his sister and to Blaire but then he realized that his own family (Blaire,unborn child and him) comes first.

Rush love Blaire so much,no question about that, he is so sweet and caring especially when Blaire told him that she is pregnant. I wish I am Blaire.

This book had many secrets that need to reveal. Congrats Abbi Glines for well written books. Kudos

I can't wait to read Book 3

Rating - 

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