Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review - Chasing Luck by Brinda Berry

Sometimes surviving doesn’t feel lucky. Especially when you’re a sole survivor...

At the age of seven, Malerie walked away from a bombing that left hundreds dead—including her mother. When a crazed gunman kills her guardian on her eighteenth birthday, Malerie suspects there may be more to her survival than luck. A mysterious code holds the key to her future, and a reluctant white knight holds the key to her heart. 

A loner wearing emotional armor…

Ace is a twenty-year-old entrepreneur focusing on two things in life: financial security and a life without ties. A life that doesn't risk losing the ones who matter. When Ace is hired to secretly act as a bodyguard for Malerie, he faces an unwanted attraction that threatens to sabotage his heart. Can Ace find the courage to love a girl with a death wish?

My Review

This book came so much than I expected.Great story,plot was different,though it's my first time to read suspense - love story and I fall in love with the characters,plot and story.

For Malerie,her character is unique, she is afraid to try many things because of her past but she change when she met Ace. I like the way she confess her feelings to Ace especially when she tell Ace that she wants him. I love that part so much.

I love Ace,he is one perfect gentleman,very loving and considerate too. He did not take advantage on Malerie's situation. He is attracted to Malerie but still he did what is right.

The box is intriguing and for me the author did not explain well the mystery behind it. Maybe she could add spices to the mysterious box.

I found some typo error and I hope the author can check it but over all, it's a must read story.

I'm excited for Collin's story and I know it will be as beautiful as this one.

Good job Brinda !!

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