Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Found in Us (Lost #2) by Layla Hagen

All Jessica wants is to be a good girl. She landed the job of her dreams at a museum and is trying to eliminate temptations. No more short skirts (when she can help it). No wild parties. And no men. 

She particularly excels at that last thing. . .

Until her path crosses Parker’s. Again. Jessica remembers the last time their paths crossed very well. She was left with a seriously bruised ego. She knows it would be best to avoid him altogether. But the charming Brit makes it hard for her to elude his electrifying pull. He is as irresistible as he is captivating.

And enigmatic. 

Because underneath the sleek Armani suit and the sweet British accent that makes her crave his touch, Parker isn’t the perfect gentleman everyone thinks he is.

He’s exactly what Jessica doesn’t want, but desperately needs.
A bad, bad boy.

My Review

Jessica did her best to avoid Parker but she can't resist Parker's appeal. They shared sweet and cheesy moments. Though Parker have trust issues, he tried to open his heart to Jessica because he knows that he already find the right woman for him, what he did is not right but he really want to make sure that everything will be alright

Jessica stayed positive and care free woman inspite of her past. She love Parker so much and willing to do anything for him.  I found the story, characters and relationship very realistic and they had surprising great chemistry.

Their relationship is so very sweet and very intense. I love the sexual chemistry and tension that they share they made each other lose control.

The story flows fairly smoothly, Layla Hagen was able to get me hooked almost immediately! I didn't have a hard time getting through the book, it was a relatively quick and easy read.

This book is truly amazing and I hope all of you give it a chance, it definitely deserves it.  

Rate - 4.5 Books

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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