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Book Blitz - Untamed by Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese

Book & Author Details:

Untamed by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green
(Untamed #1)
Publication date: April 15th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Rich, beautiful, and wild, Reagan McKinley has everything she needs…but nothing that she wants. That is, until she spends one hot night in the arms of sexy, unbridled Dare Wilde.
She’s a girl trapped in a rigid world she desperately wants to escape, and he’s an untamed artist with an attitude, hell-bent on freeing her—body, mind, and soul. But Reagan’s life is not her own, and Dare is not welcome in it. She can’t include him in her carefully-controlled, extremely public lifestyle…and yet she cannot give him up.
Will a shared passion for art—and, increasingly, each other—be enough to keep them together? Or will it be the thing that ultimately tears them apart?

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“Are you twenty-one?” he asked.
I arched an eyebrow. “Depends, are we talking birth certificate age or fake ID age?”
“Underage.” He shook his head.
“Nineteen,” I said. “Which is far from underage unless you’re some narc.” My eyes widened. “Oh, god. You’re not a cop, are you?” Getting arrested a week before starting my second year of college. That would be one for the books. Lock-up would be NOTHING compared to the wrath I’d face at home once I got out.
“Do I look like a cop?”
“No,” I said. He didn’t strike me as a guy who’d be at home in a police precinct. No way. He practically had Parental Disapproval tattooed on his forehead. And god only knew where else. Which only made me like him more. “But maybe you’re one of those bad boy undercover narcs,” I teased.
His eyes darkened. “Definitely not.”
“Good. Then buy me a drink.”
He studied me for a moment, then sighed. “What would you like?”
And in that moment I realized that no drink sounded appetizing. Not a single one. Even the goodies in my purse weren’t going to cut it.
All I wanted was him.
“What’s your name?” I said.
“Dare? Your name is Dare?” How…odd. And so incredibly fitting.
“Yeah.” He shrugged. “Take it or leave it.”
Oh, I was going to take the Dare. Hell yes.
“I’m Reagan.”
Then he did something that took me by surprise. His features softened and he broke into a smile as he extended his hand. “Nice to meet you, Reagan.” God, the way my name sounded on his tongue turned me on so much. I wanted that tongue on me. Seriously. “So…what would you like?”



“What are you doing tomorrow night?”
“Aside from rejoicing about escaping your wrath?”
He laughed. “Naturally.”
“Homework.” I groaned. “Oh, and trying to find the most creative way to get out of a meeting with my father’s political advisors.”
“Sounds serious.”
“It is.” Too serious. Already I was sick of it and they hadn’t even gotten started. “What do you think about the tried and true I-got-abducted-by-aliens excuse?”
He thought for a moment. “Too cliché.”
“A mugging in Central Park?”
“Too brutal. But believable,” he said. “How about going for something simpler. Like telling them you’re too busy having dinner with an incredibly talented cook?”
I laughed. “They’d never buy it. I don’t know any of those.”
“Well, you only currently know him as an incredibly talented something else.” I could hear the mischievous smirk in Dare’s voice.
“Oh, THAT guy.” He was so incredibly talented I could feel my cheeks heat at the mere thought of the things we’d done last night.
“Yeah, that guy would like to thank you for lending him your car.”
I frowned. “I can’t. I’m sorry.” It wasn’t just the political meeting. It was Dare. I’d already spent more time with him than any other guy in years. What was worse, I liked it. I hadn’t wanted to leave his apartment this morning.
Dinner. It just wasn’t a smart move.
“Well, if you change your mind, I’m making my famous mac and cheese,” he said. “It sounds simple, but it’s a secret recipe that I promise will be worth your time.”
“You’re really cooking? By yourself? With your own hands?”
 “Yeah, I gave my chef the week off.” He laughed. “Don’t worry, Princess. My gardener and maid are still here. So if your driver—”
“Once again, that’s not what I meant!” Still, I couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s just that no one has ever offered to cook for me.” I’d been on countless dates to fancy restaurants with world famous chefs, but cooking at home? Never. “Honestly, I’ve never even had mac and cheese.”
“What?” he said. “Never?”
“Nope.” My parents had fed me foiegras when most kids got mac and cheese.
“Then it’s decided. You’re coming over. I’m going to change your life.”


“Do you want to stir the cheese sauce while I do the pasta?” Dare asked.
I was watching him work from across the counter—a safe distance from the food, but close enough I could enjoy the view. Him cooking for me was so freaking sexy.
“I don’t know how to cook,” I said. “I don’t want to mess it up.”
He laughed. “There’s very little you can do to mess this up, Ree.”
I shook my head and raised my arms in protest. “I really can’t.”
Turning from the stove, he grabbed my hands and pulled me from the stool. He brought me around to stand in front of him, my back to his chest.
“It’s easy.” He placed his hands over mine, interlocking our fingers. “And I’m a really good teacher,” he whispered in my ear as he guided my fingers around the handle of the wooden spoon. “Hold on and move it in circles.”
There was a tattoo of a paintbrush on the inside of his forearm, the bristles pointing toward his palm, and it pressed against my skin as he began to move.
“Nice and slow.” His voice caressed my ear and sent shivers through me. “Just like that.”
Oh, god. I bit down on my lip. Was cooking always this hot? Or was it just my teacher who made it so erotic?
“So you’ve really never cooked a single thing in your life?” He nipped my ear as he spoke and I couldn’t keep from moaning.
I shook my head. “It’s embarrassing, I know. You don’t have to say anything.”
His body vibrated against my back.
“Are you laughing at me?”
“I’m laughing at the situation. I’m not only taking your mac and cheese virginity, but also your culinary one.” His voice dropped to a husky low as he said, “I better make this a meal to remember.”



The light of early morning sunshine woke me. Or maybe it was the heat of Dare’s gaze. I felt it on me before I even opened my eyes. It was a weird sensation—both familiar and unnerving. Slowly lifting my eyelids, I found him sitting on an armchair off to the side of the bed, watching me sleep.
No, not watching. Drawing.
Eyebrows knitted together and lips pursed in deep concentration, his gaze flitted from me to the sketchpad propped on his bent knee. His hand moved across the surface and the only sound in the apartment was that of pencil on paper. Up and down and side to side, with long, sweeping strokes.
It sounded beautiful. And almost made me forget where I was.
In bed.
After a night of mac and cheese and Dare.
My body was sprawled across the bed, the sheets partially kicked off, exposing one leg, full chest, stomach, and part of my hip bone. One arm was under my head, the other rested in front of my breasts.
My very, very naked breasts.
I grabbed for the covers.
“Don’t move.” Dare’s voice broke through the silence. “Leave it. You’re too beautiful to hide,” he said, turning his sketchpad so I could see his drawing.
“Is that really how you see me?” I looked like a sleeping goddess. The one thing that stood out the most was the tiny, content smile on my face. Was I really that peaceful in my sleep?
“It’s how you are, Ree.” 


Jinsey Reese writes sometimes hot, sometimes sweet, but always steamy contemporary romance about twentysomethings. She loves to put her characters into embarrassing or impossible situations and see what happens. She has a deep undying love for Johnny Depp, chocolate-mint everything, and lavender roses.

She co-writes the Untamed series in The Brothers Wilde collection with the fantastic Victoria Green, and is the author of Anywhere. She also writes young adult contemporary fantasy under the name J. Meyers.

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Victoria Green is a New Adult Romance author with a soft spot for unspoken love and second chances. A travel junkie at heart, she believes in true love, good chocolate, great films, and swoon-worthy books. She lives in Canada with her high school sweetheart (who's graduated to fiancé) and their pack of slightly crazy, but extremely lovable puppies.

She co-writes the "Untamed" series in The Brothers Wilde collection with the fabulous Jinsey Reese, and is the author of standalone novels "Silver Heart" and the upcoming "Jaded Dream". When she's not writing hot and steamy romances, she writes Young Adult adventures under a different name.

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