Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Season Between by Anna Thorne

She’s a Cape Cod townie. He’s summering at a seaside manor. 

Star-crossed doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

When Bea returns to her Massachusetts hometown after a devastating breakup in Rome, all she wants is to save up some money, find a new job, and finally move to Boston. But when she arrives at her childhood home—the garage apartment of a beach estate where her father is the groundskeeper—she realizes that there’s something else she wants. Or rather, someone. 

Nick is the grown son of the ultra-rich Hamilton family, the people who employ Bea’s father. Bea grew up nursing a major crush on the handsome boy next door, but never saying two words to him. When Bea unexpectedly finds herself at the Hamilton family’s annual masquerade ball, however, she discovers that Nick is very interested in getting to know her as a grown up, brilliant knockout. 

Despite their vast and varied differences—not to mention the implicit disapproval of their friends and family—Bea and Nick won’t be kept away from each other. For the first time, Bea feels sexy, respected, and taken care of...in every way imaginable and then some. Their passionate fling heats up at the summer wears on. But will the sudden appearance of an ex-flame leave Bea feeling burned? 

My Review

Rate - 5 Books

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Bea is very strong willed woman,she is so smart that's why I really like her character. She makes Nick lose control.

Nick is one of my new book boyfriend, he is one of an ultimate male alpha. I like how he treat and take good care of Bea.He's everything I love in a main man character in books

Actually,I didn't have a hard time getting through the book, it was a relatively quick and easy read.This book came so much than I expected, the characters are amazing and you can easily relate to them.

This is cute romance novel that you will surely love.I will definitely suggest this to my book lover friends.

Great Job Anna !

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